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     The Flirtations have been the queens of Northern Soul for many years, performing for radio, television,
and live audiences throughout the world. They are the only classic Northern Soul group that has its original members. The Flirtations new album is called Girls. It's filled with the greatest hits of the greatest girl groups, performed with new energy and excitement. It's The Flirtations like you've never heard them before. We think you'll like it.

     "Where does one start? A friend placed a few
photos on Facebook from back in the day, and I started thinking that we, the original Flirtations should do some new recordings. That same day, another Facebook friend said, 'Why don't you girls do a new CD?' Later that day, The Flirtations' great producer, Don Hunter, emailed me and said, 'Let's Skype!'
It was such a coincidence that all these people were on the same page, it was like an omen! I Skyped with Don, who had an idea. He sent me this list of songs he wanted us to record, and asked if I knew anyone who could do the job, studio-wise and engineering-wise. I said I had the perfect person and studio, Sam Scott and Racetrack Studios.

     Don and I spoke again, and before we knew it,
Don was booking flights and I was booking studios and hotels. Meanwhile, I had a meeting with Shirley and Earn'ee. They both were up for it, and 16 tracks later, we all have what we think is a fab, great album! To all The Flirtations fans, old and new, we all hope you enjoy this labor of love!"

                                          - Viola Billups

     "When I heard about The Flirtations' new project,
I thought, OMG! This could be fantastic! My imagination became fired up, and I could see the potential so clearly it was like coming out of the dark and into the light. I must say, it was a bit scary, because I had not been singing that much recently, but the buzz I began to feel when we went into the studio, everything went very smoothly. Thanks to
Don, Sam, Vi, and Shirley, I feel this is going to be a wonderful adventure for us all. I'm ready for my close up, World!"

                                          - Ernestine Pearce

     "When I received a call from Vi and she asked if I wanted to go into the studio, I was so happy! And when she said we could be working with Don Hunter
I felt really excited. I so enjoyed doing the project,
and it was wonderful to work with Don, Sam and the girls. Love to all our fans who have been with us and are still giving us their love and support!"

                                          - Shirley Pearce

  Nowhere To Run The Flirtations Girls 2:55 $0.99
  You Keep Me Hangin' On The Flirtations Girls 2:38 $0.99

When You're Young And In Love

The Flirtations Girls 2:13 $0.99
  Nothing But A Heartache The Flirtations Girls 2:20 $0.99
  Heat Wave! The Flirtations Girls 2:28 $0.99
  Will You Love Me Tomorrow? The Flirtations Girls 2:43 $0.99
  Jimmy Mack The Flirtations Girls 2:54 $0.99
  Dancing In The Street The Flirtations Girls 2:29 $0.99
  He's So Fine The Flirtations Girls 2:08 $0.99
  Stop! In The Name Of Love The Flirtations Girls 2:46 $0.99
  Chapel Of Love The Flirtations Girls 2:44 $0.99
  Baby Love The Flirtations Girls 2:33 $0.99
  Baby, It's You The Flirtations Girls 2:34 $0.99
  I'm So Excited The Flirtations Girls 3:18 $0.99
  I'm Still Waiting The Flirtations Girls 2:55 $0.99
  How Sweet It Is The Flirtations Girls 2:42 $0.99

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